Painkillers: Opioid Dependance

For you to alleviate pain, you need a prescription drug. But some people misused some painkiller at some point in their lifetime. So let’s discuss how does prescription painkiller abuse progress to opioid dependence.

Opioid DependanceFor people with a genetic weakness in opioid dependence, swallowing pain pills can lead to high that makes the brain crave the further excitement of the same level. Repetition of the high strengthens the slippery slope, and sets the scene for full on drug dependence.

Opioids stimulates the areas of our brain that perceive the pleasure.  This results in the euphoria or sense of well being that many opiates bring about.

As an addiction-susceptible person uses opioids time and again, the reward system begins to inadvertently learn these drugs are as essential to survival.

This explains the changes in behaviour that go along with opioid addiction: neglecting responsibilities to loved ones, poor work performance, or loss of libido.

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